The power of collaboration
Alliance Laundry Systems represents a collaboration in the laundry industry, bringing together five brands that develop commercial laundry equipment: Huebsch, Speed Queen, UniMac, Primus, and IPSO.
Committed to innovation
Through the years, they have established themselves as industry leaders by offering a diverse range of products, maintaining a global distribution network, and investing significantly in research and development.

Performance amplified by five

The collaboration of these brands ensures access to a vast distribution network, enabling customers to receive quick and efficient service. This performance is also attributed to the dedicated staff working together to provide the best experience for consumers. Over 3,000 employees strive to create customized laundry solutions tailored to each client’s needs.
Alliance Laundry System also offers a multidisciplinary consulting service for the development of commercial laundry equipment.
At Lavexco, we take pride in being a part of this extensive network and providing our customers with top-notch service along with high-quality products.
Alliance Laundry System is committed to creating long-term value by focusing on the quality of its products without compromising. It also provides support to help the customer get the best possible result from its machines. The customer experience depends not only on the reliability of the machines, but also on the availability offered by their network.