Dexter Laundry, speed and power

Over 125 years of expertise
Established in 1894, Dexter Laundry has been dedicated to providing efficient and fast laundry solutions for residential and commercial customers.
Essential in commercial laundry products
Originating from the city of Dexter in the United States, the company maintains its core values, offering adaptable and high-performing products.

Dexter Laundry Warranty

Dexter takes pride in offering the industry’s leading warranty, encompassing support before, during, and after your commercial laundry equipment purchase. Online assistance is also available. Committed to customer satisfaction, Dexter provides lifetime technical support for their clients.

Dexter laundry equipment

Boasting over 125 years of experience in commercial laundry, Dexter has continuously evolved alongside advancements in technology.
Now, Dexter provides tailored and efficient solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. Lavexco offers more than 15 distinct models of commercial washers and dryers from Dexter.

Lavexco, authorized distributor

For Dexter, utilizing a professional and experienced distribution network is essential. Each authorized distributor, like Lavexco, is capable of providing product, installation, and warranty support.