Circul-Air Corp
maintenance and drying equipment for firefighters’ clothes and hoses

Hopper washers and dryers, Pipe dryers

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Circul-Air Corp. – Wash, Dry, & Storage Solutions for PPE & Fire Hoses | Circul-Air-Corp – Since 1940
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All our products are of industrial quality

Take advantage of NFPA compliant products
Through the use of Circul-Air Corp drying equipment, bunker hoses and coveralls can be dried quickly and safely without altering their original shape. This allows for quick reuse of the equipment.
Our company’s mission is to provide workers with safe equipment that is free of toxic and carcinogenic substances.
Throughout the manufacturing process of their products, Circul-Air Corp, strives to outperform their competitors in terms of quality. They live to produce solid, easy to use and versatile equipment to provide the highest quality products possible.

Several decades of experience in the field

Since 1940, the company has specialized in the manufacture of fire equipment and maintenance systems for emergency services. Over the years, they have evolved to meet the needs of the industry while keeping in mind the commitment to provide the best laundry equipment. Today, Circul-Air Corp supplies equipment to more than 200,000 fire stations worldwide, and must meet the highest standards . Their laundry equipment is essential for all fire stations.

Products that meet NFPA standards

Circul-Air Corp products have been developed to meet the most stringent standards for laundry equipment. To ensure the quality of its products, the company complies with NFPA 1851 standards, reflecting its commitment to providing products that meet the highest safety standards.

Official supplier of Circul-Air Corp™.

In Ontario, we are the official Circul-Air Corp supplier. Our sales and installation teams are professionally trained to ensure superior services. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for more information on our equipment and services.

Why choose Lavexco?

At Lavexco, we are convinced of the importance of offering our customers the best equipment on the market. To ensure the maintenance of equipment as specialized as those used in the fire service, we believe that it is essential to have specific expertise.

Our team is available to serve the Ontario region to meet the needs of our customers.

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