High quality commercial products

Milnor, a renowned American manufacturer, has been offering commercial laundry equipment for over 70 years. Their line includes washers, dryers and ironers for professional laundries.
Exceptional service included
Milnor equipment is known for its durability and energy-efficient performance, and the company stands out for its quality customer service.

Milnor Warranty

At Milnor, the service that accompanies the purchase of their products is essential and is part of their warranty. In addition, for certain models, the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty on the frame, cylinder and shell. This warranty is in addition to a repair and maintenance service offered by our store employees.

About the Milnor Manufacturers

Pellerin Milnor Corporation originally grew out of Milnor. This American company, specialized in the manufacture of commercial laundry equipment, has remained a family business despite 70 years of development and expansion. Milnor designs a variety of washers, dryers and ironers for coin-operated laundries and on-site laundries. Milnor products are recognized for their durability and energy efficiency, and the company stands out for the excellent service it provides to its customers.

Why choose Milnor?

When selecting a commercial laundry equipment manufacturer, it is crucial to consider things like product quality, energy efficiency and customer service. Milnor excels in all of these areas, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for high-quality laundry equipment.
Milnor equipment is only available through a network of authorized distributors, including Lavexco. Customer service is a key feature of the company. Milnor places great importance on working with competent industry professionals. That’s why we are recognized as official distributors of Milnor laundry equipment. Our team has undergone extensive training. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions and to plan the installation. We will accompany you throughout the project, up to the after-sales support.