Repair and maintenance of your laundry equipment

We are proud to offer a complete laundry equipment maintenance and repair service. With over 25 years. of expertise and professionalism in the laundry field, our team is widely recognized for its know-how and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Across Ontario

We understand that speed is of the essence when one of your commercial or industrial washers or dryers breaks down.

Our team at Lavexco offers a complete and professional laundry equipment maintenance and repair service to keep your equipment running smoothly and maximize the productivity of your business:
  • A complete inspection of your washer or dryer
  • A free and fast telephone technical support service
  • A team of repair technicians on the road from Monday to Friday, available for emergency calls 7 days a week, anywhere in Ontario
  • A team of representatives covering all regions of the province
  • A consulting and development planning service
  • A feasibility and profitability study service
  • A factory and on-site equipment reconstruction service
  • A preventive maintenance contract

We provide top of the line service to meet your laundry equipment needs.

We’re here to help you keep your laundry machines in perfect working order, so you can get on with your business without interruption.

Whether you’re located in Ontario, you can count on Lavexco to meet all your commercial and industrial laundry equipment maintenance and repair needs, including maintenance of industrial and commercial washers and dryers. Trust our expertise to keep your equipment running smoothly.